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Multitasking On the Toilet

Now I’ve seen everything. Seriously. I walked into a public restroom yesterday to wash my hands and heard a voice coming out of seemingly nowhere. I thought it might be God, but after some detective work I realized there was a man sitting in a stall talking on his phone. He was planning a date with his girlfriend and working out all the details.

Being the nice guy I am, I went into the stall next to him and started repeatedly flushing the toilet. One of us thought this was hilarious.

Is this what our lives have come to? Are we so busy that we now have to multitask even when we’re using the restroom? Do we really think that we’re so important that the world will stop if we’re not doing several things at once? Way too often I’ve seen women putting on makeup or men admiring themselves in the mirror as they speed down the highway. Tons of times I’ve seen people in a restaurant ignoring their dinner companions so they can send text messages to people who probably won’t even read them.

In my own life, I’ve beamed with pride when I was able to watch a Panther’s game, balance my checkbook, respond to an email, and listen to my daughter tell me about her day, all at the same time! What a paradigm of efficiency! Hooray for me! I couldn’t have been prouder of myself. That is until I realized my daughter had to shout at me to get my attention. Exasperated, she finally yelled, “Daddy, do you love the TV more than me?” Quite painful. Do not try this at home.

I’ve come to realize that when we multitask we don’t enjoy any of the multiple tasks we’re doing. We move from one thing to the next at such a frantic pace that we often lay in bed at night exhausted, unable to stop thinking of all the things we didn’t get done today, and all the things we’ll have to do tomorrow. Then tomorrow turns out the same way, and so does the next day. Before we know it, we’ve missed out on life.

Way, way too many of us are living life on “fast forward” instead of on “play”. One thing I promise you…this will never happen at New Story Church. One of our core values is that we will always keep things simple. We’d rather do a few things great than a lot of things mediocre. We’ll never ask you to volunteer in so many areas that you dread helping out. We’re going to do lots of playing, and enjoying, and celebrating, because that’s what life’s all about.

Go out and live!

Pastor Scott

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