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5 Sentences

We’re growing. And that’s awesome, but it makes it hard to know each other as well as we would hope. So, the incredible Salem Kirby came up with a great idea for how we can easily learn a little more about each other. It’s called 5 Sentences. We’d love for everyone who is willing to send us a picture (or give us one and we’ll scan it) of yourself. It can be a portrait or a picture of you climbing Mt. Everest while wrestling a shark. Then, write 5 sentences about yourself that describe you to all the rest of us. We’ll put the pictures and sentences together and put them on the wall of the entry area of our church where we can all see them. For example, here are mine:

1) Married, widowed, devastated, married again, really happy. 2) Can’t even put one foot in the ocean at night without being terrified. 3) Would rather be around a campfire with friends than anywhere on earth. 4) Have 3 of the bestest kids ever created by God. 5) Can’t imagine not being New Story’s pastor.

Make yours funny, sad, bold, or whatever you want. Just make them without masks. You can send them to us and we’ll write them for you, or we have paper at the church that you can write them on. We’ll have the paper out this Sunday if you’d like to start working on yours.

We’ll have a 5 Sentences party on Sunday, January 26th, right after our 11 a.m. service where we’ll have pens, paper, and all kinds of other cool stuff to help you with yours. We’ll start putting these up as they come in, so feel free to start working on yours now if you’d like.  If you have any questions, please email Salem at moc.liamgnull@elleb2ulb. We really hope everyone will participate in this so we can get to know each other better.

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