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A Easy Way to Jump Start Your Spiritual Life

On Sunday we talked about a very simple way to jumpstart your spiritual life using the acronym BELLS. We’re hopeful that everyone in our church will try this out for the month of March. It’s simple, yet profound and effective because it is modeled after how Jesus lived his life. Here it is:


Jesus continually blessed people throughout his life. Sometimes it was in small ways, and other times in large ways. We can bless other people by sending them a note, helping them when in need, calling them with a word of encouragement, and so many more simple things. Try to bless two different people each week. One from inside New Story and one outside it.


Jesus ate with all kinds of people, especially sinners. When he ate with people, it was holy. There’s just something about having a meal with someone that takes the relationship to a deeper level. Try to eat meaningful meals with 2 different people this week and talk about spiritual things. One from inside New Story and one outside it.


Jesus thought that prayer was really important. So important that he often left everyone else to go off by himself to pray. This week, try to spend 8 minutes a day praying or meditating. Truly listen to what God has to say to you.


Jesus studied Scripture all the time, and it really showed. When Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, Satan used Scripture. Through his knowledge of Scripture, Jesus was able to counter what Satan said. Read one chapter of Scripture each day and think about what it tells you about God and how it applies to your life. Start with the book of Luke from the New Testament. At the end of this article is a guide for reading Luke this week.


Jesus’ life was filled with serving others. When we serve others, we are very close to God. Find a way to serve at least one person a week.

At the end of each day, ask yourself, where was I like Jesus today? Where was I not?

Give this a shot this week and see how much it impacts your life!

Reading Program for Luke This Week

Monday: Read Luke 1

This is a long chapter. Don’t give up.

Why do you think Mary was greatly troubled when she heard she was pregnant with Jesus?

Tuesday: Read Luke 2

What do you think Jesus was like when he was 12 years old? What does this chapter say about it?

Wednesday: Read Luke 3

Would you have been friends with John the Baptist or would you have hated him? Why?

Thursday: Read Luke 4

Why do you think Satan tempted Jesus in the way Satan did? What would Satan use to tempt you if Satan was with you in the desert?

Friday: Read Luke 5

Why were the Pharisees and teachers of the law so angry at Jesus when he healed the paralyzed man? Why were they mad when he ate with sinners?

Saturday: Read Luke 6

Why do you think Jesus tells us to love our enemies? Are you good at this? Was Jesus?

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