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A Funeral, A Wedding, and Best Friends

They are, without a doubt, three of the most incredible men you could ever meet.  Their names are Steve, Jonathan, and Kyle (better known as Soft Kiss, Ol’ Henley, and Wank…don’t ask how they got those nicknames. I’ll never tell.) And yes, I have a nickname.  And no, I won’t tell it to you, but here’s a hint: It means “totally awesome” in Swahili. Bwahahaha. Their picture is to the left. I’ve purposely used a dark exposure to protect their innocence.

These three guys are my best friends in the whole world. In fact, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them. They’ve baptized my kids. They’ve passed gas right near my head. They’ve picked up the pieces when my life was totally broken. And they’ve shot me in the crotch with paintballs and laughed as I writhed in pain. These are just the things I can write in a blog without getting fired. We’ve stormed the gates of hell with squirt guns and had each other’s backs the whole way.

When my wife died after a very long struggle, they presided at her funeral.  They were masterful. The comfort I felt at seeing them lead the service was indescribable. I’ve never been so proud of people in my entire life. Maybe this is why the Bible says, “a friend will be there for you at all times”. These guys surely have been.

And now, as I’m about to get married again, they’ll be the ministers who lead us through the service. I can only imagine the things they are conspiring to do to me during the vows.  It might get ugly, but no one is more blessed than me. I’ll be marrying an incredible woman who makes my heart sing, and I’ll be surrounded by my best friends, who are really like brothers to me. God is good.

I hope you have some friends like this. If you do, call them right now, tell them how much you love them, and thank God for them. Or forward this article and tell them that’s how you feel about your friendship. If you don’t have friends like this, don’t give up. Friendships like ours don’t come easily. They involve a lot of work, a lot of love, and a lot of forgiveness. Ask God to bring some friends like this into your life, and just as importantly, resolve to be a great friend yourself. It’s totally worth it.

So here’s to you, guys. I love you.

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