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A New Focus on Prayer

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-11-58-12-amAt New Story Church we believe very strongly in the power of prayer. We wouldn’t be the church we are without a great focus on communicating with God.

But we feel the need to take it even deeper. So, starting this Wednesday, we will have prayer time from 12-12:45 every Wednesday in the chapel at our West End Campus. Pastor Scott (or one of our other pastors) will be there praying and will be happy to pray with you or for you if you would like. There won’t be any formal praying – it’s just a time to get together and pray for our world, our community, our church, and ourselves. From 12-12:30 we’ll have quiet prayer time and from 12:30-12:45 we’ll pray over all the prayer cards we receive during the week.

We’ll have written prayer guides to help you pray if you’d like. We hope you’ll come join us. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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