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Anthony’s Story

Last Sunday, Anthony Moyle shared part of his story with us. It was awesome! In case you missed it, here it is:
I grew up in an extremely conservative Methodist church, something completely opposite of New Story. The theology was basically my soul would be burning in hell if I didn’t do exactly what the Bible said. I remember thinking as a kid how weird everything was and how people would gossip and look at others in a negative way. So, I felt unworthy of  the only thing that is free in this world: God’s grace and love. I believed and still believe baptism is part of getting to heaven when my soul leaves my body and I always wanted to get baptized but because of feeling unworthy I never did.  So, I went out into the world and experienced the world head on. I finally came to the realization that something needed to change and so I picked myself up and started moving forward because I had backed myself into brick wall with nowhere to go.
I was introduced to New Story while I was on this new path in my life and I loved it. God was there. I experienced genuine compassion and was told God loved me, something I never had really thought about but I believed, I was witnessing it!  I was witnessing God working through people. There was an announcement about the church doing baptisms and I wanted to go but I still had that doubt. Fast forward to June 2014. There was another announcement about being baptized and a voice said, “It’s time” and so today, I feel worthy. I feel worthy because the people of New Story helped me realize that I am worthy, and that no matter what I’ve done in my life, God still loves me. I am worthy of God’s grace and love, worthy to serve others, worthy to be part of a new story and worthy to be part of an awesome group of people that make up NEW STORY CHURCH.


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