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Are You a Talker or a Walker?

Why is it always so much easier to talk the talk than walk the walk? That’s what we talked about this Sunday (July 28) at New Story Church. If you haven’t had a chance to read James Ch. 2 from the Bible yet, take a moment right now to read it. James is very big on putting our faith into action.

We started off talking about what it’s like to go into a church where you don’t feel welcome. I bet a lot of us at New Story have felt that way at previous churches. We then talked about how every one of us at New Story plays an incredibly important role in how we welcome people to our church (and very likely, back to church at all). When we welcome people, we show them that they are important, and that at New Story we are open to everyone. EVERYONE. Just by how we act, we can draw people closer to God, or push them away.

When I told the story of a man in a previous church wanting to “buy” the pew his family sat on (to make it more comfortable) by giving a large donation to missions, how did you feel? How would you have responded to him? What would we say if someone offered to give $100 to missions at New Story if I promised them they could sit in a certain seat every week? What if it was $10,000 to our homeless ministries? What about $100,000?

I think what James is saying in Ch.2 is that any time we show favoritism in the church, it is evil. It is evil because it puts one of God’s creations above another. Take some time to think about how we can make sure we never show favoritism at New Story. What can you do personally to make sure this never happens?

We then talked about how true faith is always shown through actions. It’s not enough to say that we were saved at a revival when we were 10 and think that our “ticket to heaven” has been punched. When our faith is real, it will be shown through how we treat other people, what we do to make the world a better place, how we use our time and spend our money, and things like this.

Our homework was to spend some time thinking about this question: If someone who didn’t know you looked at your calendar (how you spend your time) and your checkbook (how you spend your money), would they say you are a talked or a doer? How much of your time do you spend volunteering and making the world a better place? How much of your money do you give away to help others? It’s easy to talk a good game, but the proof of our faith is in what we do.

One cool thing about New Story is that even if you are a talker, we will help you learn to be a walker. As you join with us packing meals for the homeless, working with those in recovery, building the clothes closet, and things like that, you’ll learn the joy of helping others and you’ll find that your faith grows deeper and you feel better about yourself as well.

At New Story Church we’re always going to be a church that does instead of being one that talks. We hope you’ll join us as we work together to change the world.

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