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Books I’ve Read – Fall 2017

I did a lot of reading and very little t.v. watching this fall. Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve read. If you have any questions or other suggestions, please leave a comment. – Pastor Scott

Deep Survival – Laurence Gonzales

This book is subtitled: Who lives, Who Dies, and Why. It was a fascinating book about why some people survive catastrophe and others don’t. It was filled with great research about how the brain works, what happens when we panic, and how to thrive even in the toughest of situations. If I ever get dropped out of an airplane in Siberia with a bear chasing me, I’ll live for 6 hours instead of 3. A great read. 9/10.

The Wisest Person in the Room – Thomas Gilovich

I thought this was a book about me. Kidding. KIDDING. It was actually about how to make wise decisions. I’ve read much better books on the subject. 6/10

American Assassin, Kill Shot, Transfer of Power, The Third Option, and Separation of Power               – Vince Flynn

I have found a series that I love and I reward myself with these action packed stories in between my deeper reading. This is the Mitch Rapp series and they have all been great. If you’re looking for fast paced stories that don’t tax your brain, this is a great series. Start at the beginning and go in order.

The Hidden Life of Trees – Peter Wholleben.

A really interesting look at how trees are actually very communal organisms. They protect each other, challenge each other, and communicate with each other. I’ll never look at a forest in the same way. Sergeant Joyce Kilmer would approve. 7/10

In the Name of Jesus – Henri Nouwen

I love all of Nouwen’s writing. This short book was about Christian leadership and was written for ministers, but applicable to everyone. I enjoyed it. 8/10

Gaining by Losing – J.D. Greear

This book talked about how the future of the church is sending people out instead of always trying to get them in. There was a lot of great discussion about movements in this book, but it was repetitive. 7/10

The Great Spiritual Migration – Brian D. McLaren

This book challenged me. I certainly didn’t agree with everything McLaren wrote, but I did think a lot about it. His point is that the way we have been doing church in the past is not going to work in the future and we better start changing the way we do things if we want to survive. 9/10

The Mountain Between Us – Charles Martin

This book started off good and then went downhill. It’s about two people who are in a plane crash and have to survive. By the end of the book I wished I was the one who had frozen to death so I didn’t have to finish reading it. 2/10

Movements That Change the World – Steve Addison

While this book was about the movement of spreading the Gospel over the earth, I learned a lot about what movements in general look like and how to keep them going. This info will be very helpful for New Story as we move forward. 8/10

The Power of Moments – Chip and Dan Heath

Chip and Dan Heath are my favorite business authors ever. They combine great stories with practical wisdom. In this new book by them, they talk about how to create more memorable moments in life. I’m already using a lot of what I learned in my own life and at New Story. 9/10

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

This novel, set in a dystopian future, revolves around a woman who is forced to become a breeder for rich, powerful men. It’s quite a disturbing picture, but one that is not that far fetched. It keep me interested right up until the end, and then it just ended. I wanted more. 8/10

What the Dog Saw – Malcolm Gladwell

Reread. I love Gladwell and his style of writing. This book is a collection of his essays for The New Yorker magazine. I enjoyed all of them. 9/10

The Winter Apprentice – John Hot Willey

Willey was an apprentice at a boatbuilder and kept a journal as he did it. I was so bored that I stopped reading it halfway through. If you love boats, you might like it. As for me, I took Tommy Shaw’s advice and just sailed away.

Burn Factor – Kyle Mills

An action packed read about an FBI agent who ends up saving the world. Or something like that. Way too many coincidences to further the plot for me, but a fun read. 6/10

Artemis – Andy Weir

The next book from the author of The Martian.  This was a fun book, but the male author struggled to voice a first person 20 year old female, like when I use words like “Lit” and “On Point”. It’s about a colony on the moon and what it’s like. 7/10.

God was Thinking? – Janice Weiss

A great book written by one of our church members that details her faith walk from the time she finds out she is going to have a baby with Downs until the all too soon death of the baby. It was a book that brought up a lot of emotions in me and I’m thankful to have read it.

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