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Camping with a Dillweed

Since it had been six months since our last camping trip, we got brave over Spring Break and took the Brady Bunch camping again. It wasn’t pretty, but it was beautiful.

After a full afternoon of playing soccer, riding bikes, hiking, and grilling hot dogs, we built a huge campfire and got ready to make s’mores. It was wonderful, until we heard the sound of a man starting a generator in the campsite next to ours.

Who brings a generator camping? THAT’S CHEATING! There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no generators allowed in the tent camping area. Besides, what could they possibly need a generator for?

Well, apparently, for their camping lights (bright enough to be used as a beacon by the international space station), a heater, their mini-refrigerator filled with beer that costs about $3 a six pack, their cell phone charger, DVD player and tv (I’m pretty sure they were watching Season 1 of Swamp Pawn), and their Ipod infused stereo system that played….wait for it…not Skynard…guess again…Molly (I’ll chop down this green tree and try to burn it with my) Hatchet. WTH? The “H” stand for “heck”, please don’t email me about how pastors shouldn’t cuss.

I couldn’t believe it. I was making s’mores with the kids but couldn’t even hear them talk because some DILLWEED couldn’t go one night without his electronics. All of them. How pitiful. Being the man of peace that I am, I lasted about 45 seconds before I got miffed (that’s not what I got, but my kids will probably read this).

After about an hour, the generator ran out of gas and mercifully shut down. The peace and quiet were exquisite as I laid down on a soft bed of dirt and rocks to drift off. Only I couldn’t sleep. And after about an hour of lying there I wished like crazy my phone would get a signal so I could send some texts, or check my Facebook page, or do anything to fight off the boredom. I daydreamed about sneaking next door to learn some bargaining tips from the dudes on Swamp Pawn. I wished that I had my ipod to break the silence.

And then it struck me. I’m the DILLWEED. I, like so many of us, have become so enamored with electronics that I find it hard to put them down. Before you give me a “there, there”, pat of pity on my back, let me ask you a few questions: Do you spend more time a day playing with your phone, or praying? Which have you read more in the last month: the Bible, or status updates on Facebook? Do you spend more time a week watching television or hanging out with those you love? And yet most of us complain about how busy we are and how we don’t have time to be spiritual or do the things that are really important.

Since I get failing grades on all three of my questions, I’m going to try something new and I hope you’ll join me.  After dinner each night I’m going to turn off my computer and phone so that I can spend time doing the things that are really important. Sure, I might miss someone’s cute picture of their cat on Facebook, or a witty text from one of my friends, but I bet I’ll live. So if you contact me in the evenings and don’t hear back from me until the next day it’s not because I don’t like you, it’s because one of my personal core values is not to be a dillweed.

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