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Church-Wide Fast On May 24!

On Wednesday, May 24, we are going to fast (from food) as a church. It’s going to be wonderful (and tough) and we know it will help us grow deeper spiritually as a church. The Bible is filled with examples of people who fasted when seeking God’s will, wanting to draw closer to God, and to be in solidarity with those who are hungry.

In our own town, hundreds of kids go to bed hungry every night. We try to help in as many ways as we can (bag meals, Waughtown feeding, homeless shelter, and more). We’re going to fast to grow deeper spiritually and to help those in our community who are hungry.

Here’s the details: If you’d like to join us, please consider fasting on Wednesday (if you can’t do it all day, do it as long as you can). If you can’t fast from eating, maybe you can fast from going out to eat on that day.

We’re hoping that you’ll take the money you would have spent on food on Wednesday and donate it to New Story so we can use it to help feed kids at our Memorial Day Cookout at our Waughtown campus. We’ll feed several hundred people, most of whom will be hungry kids from the community.

You and click on the “Donate Button” at the top right corner of this page. For $5 we can buy some hot dog buns; for $25 we can buy a box of hot dogs; for $50 we can get a box of hamburgers. You get the point. We’ll use whatever you can donate to feed hungry kids.

On Wednesday we’ll post something on our Facebook page so we can encourage each other. Thanks for being a part of this great ministry!

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