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Dental Clinic Info

At New Story Church we have a real heart for people. So, we will have another dental clinic on Saturday, October 26th for those in our community who are not able to afford to go to the dentist. Since we have grown tremendously as a church since our last clinic, we are going to modify the way we do sign ups a little bit.

After accounting for spaces saved for the homeless of Winston Salem, we will have about 35 spaces left. We will have sign ups for these spaces after both our worship services this Sunday, September 29th. We will give spots first to people who come to New Story Church on a regular basis. If we have any spots left, we will open it up to friends and relatives of those who actively come to our church. You must sign up in person – we can’t take email sign ups.

We feel that by giving half our spots to our community and half to those in our church we have struck a good balance for what we stand for as a church. If you have any questions, please talk with Pastor Scott.

We’re New Story Church and we love helping those in need. If you would like to sponsor a patient (or give any amount to help with this project), we would love to have you do so. Please click the link below to make a donation.

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