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Early Christmas Service Pictures

God. Is. Good. It’s the only was to describe our early Christmas service last night. After weeks of being told that we would be able to have our early Christmas service in our new building, at 3 p.m. yesterday we were told that we could not. So, instead of moaning, canceling, or being big babies about it, we decided to move the service outside. We’re New Story Church, and we’re unstoppable.

The service was wonderful. Our band sounded great, the fellowship was incredible, and it was very moving to write prayers and Scriptures on the floor of our new worship area (we were allowed to go in a few at a time to write prayers). Singing Silent Night by candlelight under the starry sky was something that we’ll remember forever.

Worshipping outside reminded us that even though our new building is going to be incredible, New Story will never be about a building. We’re about God, and helping people have a New Story, and making a real difference in the world.


  1. GENE says:

    It is awesome that you were able to start this way. What a great beginning to the story.

  2. amy collins says:

    that was one of THE MOST spiritfilled services i have ever been to and to be surrounded by God’s creation.

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