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Epic Fail on Sunday?

Since this Sunday will be our first Sunday worshipping in the bowling alley, some of my “friends”, who think they are hilarious, have come up with epic fail possibilities. Here they are:

The person unlocking the door doesn’t get there until 9:29. (Don’t forget we start at 9:30).

Taylor Swift decides to film her next video there during the sermon time.

People want to name our awesome praise band the “7-10 split”.

Instead of our cool “New Story” shirts people start wearing bowling shirts with their name embroidered on them.

The disco ball and lights go off and the band starts busting a move to Wham’s Greatest Hits.

Worshippers demand nachos with cheese from the snack bar for communion.

The pro shop guy keeps getting on the intercom telling us about specials they’re having on balls. Bowling bowls. If you thought of anything else for even one second, you especially need to be at church on Sunday. 🙂

Here’s the totally cool thing…even if any of those things happen, it will still be awesome.  Because I’m sure the following things will happen no matter what:

God will be with us.

We’ll have a great time.

We’ll be built up, encouraged, and ready to take on the week ahead.

We’ll all be reminded that we are part of a Story bigger than ourselves and that we can have a New Story at any time.

I hope you’ll come worship with us this Sunday at 9:30 a.m.  If you see Taylor Swift, invite her in for some nachos.








  1. I will learn some Wham! for Sunday. Would you prefer Wake Me Up Before You Go Go or Careless Whisper?

    1. Scott Osterberg says:

      Will, it’s frightening that you know two of Wham’s songs, as well as that there is an exclamation point after their name.

  2. Amy says:

    I think we should all wear tube socks and slide down the lanes. Also, I don’t think Taylor Swift filming her video then qualifies as an “epic fail.”

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