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Fasting as a Church

Holy Week (the week before Easter) is a special time in the life of New Story Church because it is an opportunity for us to reflect on who Jesus is, what Jesus did and why Jesus came to this earth.  It is also an opportunity to grow in our prayer lives and our relationship with God, opening our lives to a great and possible new story!

On Thursday, March 29, we are asking everyone who is able to fast to do so.  Fasting is refraining from eating for spiritual purposes.  Fasting is a way to feel closer to God, and to seek God’s guidance and direction.  We see many examples of God’s people fasting in the Bible as a way to seek God.

At 7 p.m. on Holy Thursday, we will come together for a time of prayer and communion.  You will be amazed at how powerful it is to take communion after fasting all day.  It is spiritual experience that you will not soon forget.

Here is some basic info about fasting.

Right Motives for Fasting

  • To humble ourselves before God
  • To seek God
  • To tell God we’re sorry.
  • To give concentrated prayer time to know God better
  • To interrupt our day for spiritual purposes

Wrong Motives For Fasting

  • To get God to do what we want
  • To earn merit or attention to ourselves
  • To impress God or others
  • To fulfill a religious duty or habit
  • To lose weight

Why Fast?

  • It humbles us and reminds us of our own weakness and dependence on God.
  • It reveals things that control us.
  • It draws our attention away from ourselves and to God.

Decide on the nature of your fast

  • How long will you fast?   One meal?   One day?  Sun-up to Sun-down? 12hrs?
  • What type of fast will you do?  Water only?  Beverages (Juice, Milk, etc.)

Additional Notes about Fasting:  

  • Remember to drink large quantities of water
  • During a partial fast, drink juice at normal meal times
  • If you feel light headed or dizzy, lie down, discontinue fast if it persists
  • Consult your physician before you fast if you have a chronic illness.

As you fast, make sure to pray.  Pray during the times you would normally eat. Every time you feel hungry, thank God for the food that you have.  Ask God to help you be aware of those who don’t have anything to eat and to use you to help feed the hungry.  Ask God to let you feel God’s presence during your fast.




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