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Final Homeless Shelter Numbers

Our first season as an overflow homeless shelter came to an end on March 31 and was a  great success. We look forward to starting up again on December 1. Thanks to everyone who volunteered in some way at our shelter. Without the help of a tremendous number of people, it wouldn’t have been possible. Here are some numbers that show just what an incredible 4 months it was:

Number of people served: 1,870 (An average of 17 people a night x 110 nights).

Number of meals served: 5,610

Number of different volunteers: 142

Number of churches that contributed in some way: 17

Number of people who we helped get into permanent housing: 15

Number of people we helped get into rehab of some sort: 7

Again, thanks to everyone who helped with this great ministry. Over the next 8 months we will be working to get ready for next winter. We’re always open to suggestions, so please let us know of anything we can do differently to make this ministry even more successful.


  1. Penny Tilley says:

    Wonderful work. Wonderful volunteers giving of their time and money for such a needy and worthy cause. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Bud Amburn says:

    The Upper Room SS Class, and friends, at Boonville UMC provided two dinner meals. It was a blessing to share with your “guests” and support your good work.

  3. A wonderful ministry doing what God’s church is called to do. Blessings to all involved!

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