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Our First Service At the Bowling Alley

Holy Cow! It was incredible. Our first worship service at the bowling alley was cooler than we could imagine. The band was awesomer (yes, that’s a word) than ever.  Here’s some pictures of the band (we’re still trying to come up with a name for it; you really don’t want to know the suggestions we’ve had):

The coolest thing was all the different types of people we had. There were lots of them. Some new, some returning. Older, younger. Multicultural. Good pasts. Bad pasts. Wealthy. Broke. You name it, we were there. And it was cool. Here’s a picture of the crowd.  We turned off the lights to make the picture come out better.

Bwahaha. Seriously, it was a great service. Worshipping in a bowling alley is a blast. It was easy to feel “real” and to be able to come just as you are. We’re thankful to all the people who have helped us get to this point, and all those who have prayed for us. All summer long we’ll continue talking about Messy Spirituality and how we can find spirituality in the midst of our crazy lives. We’d love to have you come join us. We’re New Story Church, and we’re different. And you’re welcome here.




  1. Lisa Nielsen says:

    How about the Holy Rollers?

  2. Buffy Strong says:

    It was a great experience can’t say I have ever worshiped in a bowling alley but it was very spiritual and you were able to be your self thanks New Story Church.

  3. Kyle says:

    Way to go, New Story Church! What a powerful start to this new chapter in your story of serving God and reaching people for Christ.

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