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30 Sep 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not really a “churchy” person.  In fact, I’ve had some bad experiences with church.  Is there a place for me at New Story Church?

You bet there is.  In fact, we’ve created New Story just for people like you.  People who have an interest in God and spirituality, but haven’t found what they need in a traditional church.  We believe in helping people write New Stories with their lives.

You don’t know me, but if you knew all the things I’ve done in my life, you probably wouldn’t want me to be a part of your group.

If you knew us, and our stories, you’d know you never need to worry about stuff like that.  We’re a place where everyone is welcome. No matter who you are.  No matter what you’ve done. Really.

How is New Story different?

At New Story Church, we’re all about making a difference…in our own lives and in the community around us.  At New Story, you’ll find a strong focus on the things that affect our daily lives and not on traditions that don’t seem relevant today.  We also believe in making missions and outreach one of our top priorities.   In fact, we had our first outreach project (a free dental clinic) before we even had our first worship service.  Look around our website or come to any of our events and you’ll see that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe that church can and should be fun, and cool, and relevant.

What kind of people are in your congregation?

You’ll find all types of people at New Story. We are proud to be racially and economically diverse. We welcome everyone. We have people who have rarely been to church, and those who have been quite often. We have lots of doubtors, people with questions, and people who are searching, and we love that. This is a safe place for you, no matter who you are.

Where are you meeting and when do you meet?

Our Peter’s Creek Campus is at 1401 Trademart Blvd. in Winston-Salem. Our Java & Jesus service meets there on Thursdays at 7 p.m.

Our Waughtown Campus is at 1024 Waughtown St. in Winston Salem. On Mondays we have a free meal for the community at 6 p.m. and worship at 7 p.m.

Our West End Campus is at 1001 Reynolda Rd in Winston Salem. We meet there on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. for worship. 

This all sounds awesome.  How can I be a part of this?

The best way to get to know us is to come to one of our events. You’ll meet other people just like you and begin to get a feeling of belonging.  If you have questions or would like more information, you can e-mail Pastor Scott at moc.liamgnull@ottocsrelletyrots.

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