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Getting High At the Museum of Art

I recently went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. They had a challenge to learn 5 new things as you walked around the museum. Always being one to strive for greatness (haha), I played. Here are my 5:

1) The price of admission was $19.50. Each. The man in line next to me was so shocked by the total price for his family he turned to me and said, “For that price, they should give out free brownies and Bob Marley t-shirts”. I flashed him a peace sign. It saddens me to think that there are lots of people who will never get to have their minds broadened in a museum because the price of admission is so steep.

2) Apparently, not a single employee of the Museum thinks it’s funny to call it “The High Museum of Farts”. An eight year old boy thought it was hilarious, though. His mom, not so much.

3) Some of the most beautiful works of art were the statues, many of which are thousands of years old. But the docents (that’s a fancy word for tour guide. I used it so you’ll think I’m artsy) didn’t take kindly to a little bit of Icee being spilled on them. Really? The statues have survived Pompeii and two World Wars, but some Icee is going to destroy them? Please. I said I was sorry. At this point I was treated to my very own docent to follow me around the museum. A new rule should be made for all museums – you’re allowed to touch everything that won’t be immediately destroyed by touch.

4) This is especially true for Ben Franklin’s chair. I’ve seen pictures of Ol’ Ben. He was huge. If the chair could hold him, it could certainly hold me. But the docents steadfastly refused to let me sit in it. I asked for my $19.50 back. They refused. And I call ‘bull’ that the scorch mark on the back of the chair is where lightening hit it while Ben was flying a kite.

5) Is this art to you?

I have affectionately titled this piece of art “Big Green Piece of Crap”. Or “Someone Really Got Ripped Off”. My thinking is that if my 6 year old can make it, it doesn’t belong in a museum. I asked my docent if that was really supposed to be hanging on the wall. He got on his radio and called for backup. I moved on. But I got to thinking…Way too many of us have that attitude towards people coming to church. If they don’t look like us and act like us, we think they don’t belong in our church. But the Bible reminds us that every single one of us is wonderfully made by God. And every one of us is in need of a New Story.

At New Story Church we are open to and welcome everyone. Even those who like really crappy art.


  1. Judy says:

    I really love your sense of humor. You are special. Thank GOD I had the honor of knowing you.

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