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How We Got Our Name

I get asked all the time how we came up with the name “New Story” for our church. One day, two of my best friends and I were talking about the book A Million Miles in A Thousand Years by Donald Miller.  In this book, Miller writes about how our lives are really a story, and we have a choice as to how the story unfolds.

My friends and I talked about how all of us need a new story at times in our lives.  So often we’ve lived out an old story for so long that we forget that things can be different, or that we can begin again.  We mistakenly believe that since we’ve always acted a certain way we’re doomed to act like that for the rest of our lives.

In the midst of this talk, it became totally clear that the name for the new church had to be “New Story”.  The name would constantly remind us that we can start over at any time, in any area of our lives, and that God always stands ready to welcome us back with open arms, no matter how far we might have strayed.

One of my biggest hopes for New Story Church is that we will always remind each other of how awesome God is, and how God always helps us have new beginnings.  I’m really excited about our possibilities and I hope you are too.

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