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More Hands On Missions Projects

At New Story Church, we’re all about missions projects where we get to be hands on instead of just giving money. So, we’ve decided on several great projects in the next 6 months.  We hope you’ll come be a part of any or all of them, even if you don’t come to our church regularly. There’s just something awesome about helping others have a New Story.  Here’s the plans:

1) We’re currently collecting school supplies for kids in extreme poverty. The supplies will be given out through Anthony’s Plot, which is a great organization that helps the homeless.  All kinds of school supplies are needed. Bring them this Sunday (August 5) to worship because they’ll be given out the next week.

2) On Monday, August 13, we will cook a meal for and worship with the men of the Prodigal House. The Prodigal House is a long term, faith based rehab center. We had a ton of fun last time we did this.

3) We will have another free dental clinic as soon as we get in our new building.

4) We’re going to have a couple of cookouts for the community in front of our new building as it is being worked on. We’ll focus on feeding the hungry who live right around our church.

5) We’ll keep giving out McDonald’s gift cards to homeless people who stand on street corners asking for money.

6) We’ll have an awesome Christmas project that will involve us helping a lot of kids in poverty who live near our new church building.

Wow! That all sounds incredible, doesn’t it. If you have any questions, please let us know. We mean it when we say everyone is welcome to join us!

We’re New Story Church…and we’re serious about making a difference.

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