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Our Core Values

Core values are important. Really important. If used correctly, they can form the foundation of everything you do. That’s why we’ve spent so much time at New Story Church praying about and discussing what our core values should be.  Below are the results.  Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

1) Everyone Is Welcome at New Story Church. Everyone.

We will be open and accessible to everyone. This reminds us that New Story Church is for everyone, no matter what our past or present. It doesn’t mean that we agree with everything people do or that everything is acceptable in our church, but that we believe God wants us to minister to everyone God brings before us.

2) We Won’t Wear Masks.

We will strive to be open and authentic in all that we do. We want people who are a part of our fellowship to feel like they can be themselves, warts and all.  It’s okay to be broken at our church. We also want every committee, group, and interaction to be real and authentic. This means we will speak our minds and be upfront and honest with each other, always in a spirit of love.

3) We Will Live Out Jesus’ Command to Love God and Our Neighbor. 

This reminds us that we will always be a church that looks out and not just in. Loving God and our neighbor can take many forms – from telling others about Jesus, to giving them something to eat, to teaching their kids about God, to having classes to take us deeper in the faith. We will always be a church that has a bias towards action, especially in missions. We will actually go out and do, instead of sitting around talking about what we should do.

4) We Will Keep It Simple

By ‘simple’ we don’t mean easy or superficial.  We believe that God’s message should always be presented in a way that everyone can understand. We would rather do a few things very well than a lot of things in a mediocre way. We also believe in the value of organizational simplicity. We will never bog ourselves down with needless committees or bureaucracy, but instead enable people to be on the front lines of making a difference.

So, where do you think we have it right? Or wrong?

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