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Our Last Sunday in the Bowling Alley

This Sunday, January 27th, is our last worship service in the bowling alley. We’re going to make it a real celebration. We’ll have a time during the service to share what your favorite memory of the bowling alley has been, so take some time this week to think about what you’ve loved about worshipping in this cool space.  We’ll also have communion and our band will play a rewritten version of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey which is sure to be incredible.

Our message will be about embracing change. Most of us don’t like change, but all of us face it in our lives. We’ll talk about how we can deal with change and some strategies we can use when we are faced with it.

If you haven’t yet come to worship with us in the bowling alley, it’s your last chance.  We promise you that it will be an awesome experience that you will never forget.


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