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Our Future Home

We’ve finally done it. We have found the perfect place for New Story Church to have our permanent home and it is awesome! We are under-contract on the old Dwayne’s lawnmower repair building just off of I-40 and Peter’s Creek Parkway (NC 150), on Trademark Blvd just down from Creekside Bowling Lanes. Right now, the building is in rough shape. I mean 20 grit sandpaper rough. I mean going on a blind date with Snooki rough. The first time I went in the building there was no power.  I walked in the “office” where it was pitch black and shined my flashlight on a life sized, fully dressed mannequin, which I mistakenly thought was attacking me. I screamed. Like my 8 year old daughter would. Not cool of me.

But enough about my dark places. The building rocks. It needs a lot of work, but we’re thrilled about that. We’re going to take a building with an “old story” (foreclosure), and give it a New Story (an awesome place of outreach and worship). In our initial upfit of the building we’re going to create enough space for 200 to worship, have a nursery and children’s area, a classroom, restrooms, and a welcome area. We’ll have a playground area and picnic tables outside. Will it be fancy? Of course not. That’s not New Story. The building will be nice and safe, but we’d rather spend our money helping the community around us than on ourselves.

Best of all, there is space in the building for us to have a food pantry and a clothes closet. Right in the building. Hunger and being cold in the winter, look out! New Story Church is coming to town. The community the building is located in is very diverse. Within just a few miles of the building is great wealth and abject poverty. Our hope is to be a vital part of the community and do all that we can to help transform it. If everything works out as planned, we will be in the building and begin worshipping there this fall. This summer we’ll have cookouts and other cool events in the parking lot.

This sounds great, you say! We thought you would.  I want to help, you say! We thought you’d never ask.  Here’s how you can help:

1) Pray for us. We would have never made it as far as we have without your prayers. Pray that the building becomes a spiritual home for those who have never known God, have left the church, or who have never found a place where they felt comfortable worshipping. Pray that everything works out for us to get the building. Pray that we will make a real impact on the community.

2) Come help us when we work on the building. There will be tons to do…from tearing out the old stuff in the building, to painting, to putting up walls, to cooking hamburgers, to planting flowers. If you would like to help, just let us know and we’ll put you on our email list. We’ll also have updates on our website.

3) Donate to us financially. Fixing up this building is going to take money. And we’re so new we don’t have a lot of it. If you would like to donate financially, please click below. We promise to use every single penny to change people’s lives for the better.

Help us in any of these ways or let us know of others you think of.  We’ll  love having your story part of our New Story.



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  2. Kyle says:

    Congratulations, New Story! God is clearly at work in and through you. That you already found a permanent home is incredible. Tons of new stories will soon be written!

    Tell Snooki I said hello.

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