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Quite a 24 Hours at New Story Church

Wonder what a day is like in the life of New Story Church? Here’s what our last 24 hours have looked like:

12 p.m. Saturday: Since it was so cold outside we let our shelter guests spend the day inside the church instead of having to brave the freezing cold and snow. Several volunteers came to the church to help make lunch for everyone.

1 p.m. – A doctor who attends our church came up to the church to check on the medical condition of all our guests and help them get any prescriptions they needed.

2 p.m. – Two wonderful women who attend New Story came to the church to do an AA meeting for anyone who couldn’t get to their regular meeting because of the weather.

2:30 p.m. – Several of our shelter guests helped clear part of our parking lot so we could have worship on Sunday.

3 p.m. – Many other New Story volunteers come to the church to help run the shelter.

6 p.m. – An NA meeting takes place at the church.

7 p.m. – We serve dinner to all our shelter guests.

Throughout the night – volunteers make sure all our shelter guests are taken care of.

Midnight – A cold, wet man shows up to the door asking for a place to stay. Of course we let him in.

7 a.m. – Volunteers make breakfast for all our shelter guests.

8 a.m. – More volunteers help start getting the church ready for worship. With so many churches across the city closing, we wanted to make sure we were open for everyone who wanted a place to worship.

10 a.m. – Praise band arrives to practice for the worship service.

11 a.m. – We have an incredible worship service with a packed house.

Wow! If you’re looking for a place to make a difference, come join us as we change our community and tell people about an awesome God who loves us!




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