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Scoundrels in the Bible – A New Series

On Sunday, October 26th, we’re starting an awesome new series about some of the scoundrels in the Bible. By looking at these scumbags, we’ll learn about how God can redeem even the toughest of situations, and how God can use us no matter how bad we are. Here’s the people we’ll look at:

Achan – We read about Achan in the book of Joshua in the Old Testament. He stole and then lied about it, and because of it caused the defeat of his whole country in a battle.

Delilah – We read about her in the book of Judges in the Old Testament. Delilah sold out her husband which led to his death.

Doeg – We hear his story in 1st Samuel in the OT.  Doeg was a murderer and had a truly warped mind.

Potiphar’s wife – We learn about her in the book of Genesis. She tried to commit adultery, then lied about it, and almost had someone killed because of it.

As we look at these Scoundrels, we’ll talk about how we can avoid doing the things they did, but more importantly, how God’s grace is available to us no matter how much of a scoundrel we may have been (or still are) in life.

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