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Serving Dinner at the Prodigal House

What do you get when you combine 8 huge pans of lasagna, 5 big bowls of salad, 200 rolls, lots of desserts, 20 New Story volunteers, a spirit of serving, and God? Total awesomeness, that’s what! On Monday night we served dinner to about 60 people at The Prodigal House, which is a faith based long term drug and alcohol treatment center in Winston Salem.  While it was wonderful to see 20 of our New Story people serving, it was most touching to see some of our kids standing right beside us giving out food. What a powerful way to learn what life is all about! Even though we served them dinner, we were the ones who were most blessed by being there.

As we ate dinner and worshipped with the Prodigal residents and staff, we shared our stories with one another and re-learned that God doesn’t care about how much money we have, what race we are, or what we’ve done in the past. We worship a God of New Stories. There’s no doubt God was with us and that when we serve others we are very close to God. At New Story Church we’ll always make serving others one of our top priorities. If you couldn’t come with us this time, we’ll be going again soon.

Here’s some pictures of our trip.

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