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Spewing Hell

On Sunday (August 4th) we talked about the great verses in the Bible from James Chapter 3 where James talks about the tongue and its power. If you haven’t read Ch. 3, take a moment and read it now.

Isn’t it amazing that something that weighs as much as a pen has the power to build up or destroy? That’s what the tongue can do, with ourselves, with others, and with God.

So often we use our tongues in ways that tear ourselves down. All of us have had people in our lives who have told us that we were no good, ugly, worthless, stupid, and the like. Unfortunately, if we hear these things enough, we begin to believe them about ourselves. Soon, we are saying to ourselves, “I’m so stupid”, or “I’m worthless”. Here’s the challenge with that: God says the exact opposite. God says we are “wonderfully made” and that we are beautiful. We are so valuable to God that God gave us his only son so that we could spend eternity with God. So, when we put ourselves down (or believe others’ harshly negative words about us), we are saying that we believe them more than God. Take a few moments right now and think of some of the great things that God is doing through you (if you say you can’t think of any, call me, and I’ll tell you some about you).

We then talked about how our tongue is the greatest determiner of our relationships with others. When we build them up it’s incredible. When we tear them down, it’s horrible. In the Bible, James tells us that the tongue can be like poison and a fire from hell. The next time you are tempted to “torch” someone with your tongue, think about how what you’re really doing is filling them with poison, or “spewing hell” at them. This led us to our challenge for this week. For the next two days (if you missed church on Sunday you have to do it for 3 days – penance – hahah) only let positive words come out of your mouth. If you’re tempted to “spew hell”, run the other way. This will be harder than you think to do. What do you think will be the hardest part about this for you?

Finally, we talked about how our tongue can either bring people to God, or tear them down.  We watched a video Shoot Christians Say and then talked about how so many people are driven away from church by the stuff that comes out of Christians mouths. At New Story we are committed to keeping things simple and using our church to build people up instead of tearing them down. How do you think we’re doing with this?

Have a great week, Pastor Scott


  1. Laura Bond says:

    LOVE THIS,I missed Sundays service & I’m glad I can read this & still learn from what I missed.Hummm it’s Friday night, it will be fun starting this 3 day project of my mouth on the weekend.Of course I will try to continue after,with Gods help.Thanks for this realization of awareness.Gods Love & Peace Always,Laura

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