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Taking the Next Step – Baptism

Yesterday (6/2/13) we talked all about baptism and reaffirming our faith.

We first talked about how baptism is one of the really powerful ways that God touches us. If you’ve been baptized (or reaffirmed your faith), did you feel like God’s hands were touching you? What was this like for you?

We spent a lot of time talking about how we don’t be perfect to be baptized (in fact, it’s exactly the opposite) or for God to love you. Do you believe this? I mean, do you really believe this, or do you still try to do things to “make” God love you?

I said yesterday that I believe that baptism is something the church has made much more complicated than it should be. Do you agree? What are some other things that the church makes more complicated than it should be? How can we, at New Story, make sure we never do that?

Several of you have already asked, and yes, we’ll have another baptismal party. We’ll do it this fall before it gets really cold.  I think this time we’ll do it on a Saturday and have a lunch together and play and swim and baptize. It will be holy, casual, and fun. All the things we want New Story to be. 🙂

Blessings, Pastor Scott

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