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Taking the Next Step – Grace

On Sunday, we talked about God’s grace, and why it seems like the church often does such a poor job of showing it. To take the next step, think about the following things:

Read Romans 5:8 again. What would have happened if Christ waited for us to stop sinning to die for us? Hint: If Christ waited for us to stop sinning, we would try to take credit for our salvation. We would think we had “earned” it. What is the challenge of thinking we have “earned” our own salvation?

I told 3 stories of people who had been shunned by the church and were made to feel worthless. Do you have a story like this? How can we make sure that at New Story we never do this to anyone?

Why do you think Jesus tells so many stories in the Bible that have his incredible grace as their main point? Do you think it’s possible that he knew we would have a hard time getting the point? What is your favorite Bible story about grace?

Speaking of getting the point, are there times in your life that you are not very grace filled? What causes you to be like that? Have you ever been like that in church? If so, ask God for forgiveness right now. Now, slam your hand in the door. Just kidding about that part. God forgives us when we ask for it; there’s no need to punish ourselves.

One of the best ways we can show that we are grace filled people is by how we act on Sunday mornings. Make it a point on Sunday mornings to welcome everyone you see. Remember, there was a time that you made your first visit to New Story. And I bet one of the reasons you came back is because you felt we were an incredibly friendly church.

This Sunday we’ll talk even more about grace, and how God has a math problem.

Have a blessed week.  Pastor Scott


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