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Taking the Next Step – With Starting Small

On Sunday we looked at 4 of the very short parables that Jesus taught in Matthew 13: 31-34 and 44-46. They were the parables of the mustard seed, the yeast, the hidden treasure, and the pearls.  Read the parables again slowly. Which one speaks the most to you in your life right now? Why?

Do you think the disciples remembered these verses as they were starting the church and faced tough times? Have you had times in your life where you wished that Jesus would work faster? I know in my own life I hate it when I do the same stupid things over and over. I wish that I was full grown spiritually. But, according to Jesus, it takes time for us to grow. Think about your own spiritual life for a minute…what are some area where you can see that you’ve grown? What are some areas where you need to continue to grow?

We also talked about the role we play in our spiritual growth. What things do you do to help yourself grow spiritually? Part of our role in our spiritual growth is making God a priority in your life. Remember the story I told about my friend buying a necklace for his fiancé? How important is God in your life? What things in your life are you willing to change to go deeper spiritually? Now, be honest…at this point in your life, what things are there that you aren’t willing to give up (look at your calendar if you need some help with this question). We all have things like this in our lives, and they are worthy of some prayer.

Finally, we talked about New Story Church. We are the ones who get to decide how important New Story will be to us. If you are in a place where you just want to sit on the sidelines and watch, that’s perfectly okay. Lots of us who have never been to church or who have been hurt by church want to watch for a while before stepping in. At New Story, we’re totally cool with that. But there are others of us who are ready to dive in and help New Story continue to be a place that changes lives and make a real difference, and at New Story we’ll do all we can to help you do this. Please take a moment right now and pray for New Story. Ask God to guide us and use us.

Next Sunday we’ll talk about how we need to clean our (mental) rooms every day.

Blessings, Pastor Scott

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