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The Hard Questions From Sunday’s Message

On Sunday we talked about John the Baptist and the challenging message he gives us about how we are to live our lives. At the end of the sermon Pastor Scott gave us 5 questions to mediate on this week.  Here they are:

1) If the only way people knew you was by what they saw you post on your Facebook page, would they know that you are a Christian? How? What image would they have of you? Of God?

2) If you found $100 on the way out of church today, what would you do with it? Go out to a nice fancy meal? Use it to help someone else?

3) How much of your paycheck each week or month do you give away? Any? What does this tell you about yourself?

4) What significant material thing have you given away recently? Did you expect anything in return? How have you been about giving away your heart? Your emotions? Your love?

5) Is the world a better place because you are in it? How? Be specific. In what ways are you using your life to make a difference to those who are the least, the last, and the lost?

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