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The Joy of Hate Mail

Since my last blog post about the Marriage Amendment I’ve been called a communist, a flaming liberal, a Rush Limbaugh disciple, right wing propagandist, and a socialist. I’ve been told I hate the Bible, I’m going to hell (4 times), and that I’m a complete fence straddler. And that was just from my close friends.

Wow. There is so much anger over this issue. I can’t ever remember a time when people, especially Christians, have been so furious about something. On Facebook I’ve watched as Christians I know have called each other names, questioned each other’s faithfulness, threatened to quit their church (or never go to church again), and said they would end relationships if people didn’t vote the way they wanted them to. We’re using status updates as battering rams. What happened to the good old days when status updates were used to make everyone jealous about how cool your new car is or how your kids are the smartest, most athletic, cutest kids on the planet? (That last sentence was sarcasm. Please don’t email me about it :)).

Is this what we were created for? And we wonder why church attendance is at an all time low and the church’s influence in society is even lower. I think it’s great that Christians on both sides of this issue believe it’s important. But there are times it’s okay to disagree. And this is one of them. The world isn’t going to end because of this vote. But there is one consequence I believe we should be concerned with…I bet Jesus is really hacked (I originally used a cuss word there, but thought it might not be best to put a cuss word on our church’s website).

While we’re all arguing and calling each other names like three year olds on the playground, we’re setting a terrible example for the world. I’ve asked several of my non-Christian friends what they think about all this, and every single one of them has said it has confirmed why they don’t want to be a part of a church. How can we pray for peace across the world when we’re going nuclear with each other? While we’re spending an estimated 3.5 million dollars trying to influence the vote, kids are still starving. And while we keep trying to find new and innovative ways to tear our brothers and sisters down, Jesus is weeping.

Shame on all of us.


Here’s how I think a lot of our non-Christian friends see us:  click here


  1. Pam says:

    I applauded your first blog response, and again applaud this one. As I told my friend, when you were first asked where you stood on the subject, I was reminded of the religious leaders asking Jesus where He stood on certain issues. It took on the appearance of a “trap” or a “trick question”. All I can say, Scott, is that you should keep your chin up because you must be doing something RIGHT to have gotten all of that negative feedback.

  2. Kyle says:

    Jesus received His fair share of hate mail, Scott. You are in good company.

  3. Judy Rice says:

    Scott, you made me learn to think for myself. For this I thank you. Seems to me like you are still doing what you do so well. Keep it up.

  4. tom says:

    sounds like what I have heard about the preaching committee on the Board of Ordained Ministry

  5. Donna says:

    A great thinker and leader once argued that the oppressed and maligned in society should be loved and protected. And over the last 2012 years, many students of that great leader have argued the same. In recent history, one famous student of Christ argued that the Church was far too willing to ignore the human rights abuses aimed at many Americans. He wrote an eloquent letter while in a Birmingham jail that I wish more people would read and see some shameful parallels. People who then supported Jim Crow were passionately right with every thought that the Bible supported them too. I have been proud of people in the religious community who spoke out against the amendment–mostly out of love and empathy for their fellow human beings. Your original post made me feel glad.

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