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Truth or Dare, Jesus Style

Remember when you were in 5th grade (or 10th grade for nerds), and you played Truth or Dare. You chose “dare”, secretly hoping you’d be challenged to plant a kiss on that special someone? Ahhhh, good times.

This spiritual game of Truth or Dare isn’t about kissing, it’s about thinking. And doing. So, be honest with yourself on the “truths”, and brave on the “dares”. Here we go:

Truth: This week, have you spent more time on Facebook or actively engaged with the person you love most? Being on Facebook while sitting near the one you love counts as Facebook time.

Dare: Stop reading this right now and send and email to someone who has meant a lot to you, telling him or her thanks.

No, we’re not going to play Spin the Bottle next.

Truth: If you died right now, what are the five words that most people would use to describe your life? Are these the words you would want used? If you didn’t stop and do the above dare, use “doesn’tplaybytherules” as one of the words.

Dare: Do something nice for a co-worker, and do it in secret (that last part hurts, doesn’t it?)

Yes, I made up this game. No, you can’t have my cell phone number so you can tell me exactly what you think of my game making abilities.

Truth: Do you know what “when he eats, he eats; when he sleeps, he sleeps” means? If not, think about it until you do. For a hint, read Matthew 6:25-34 in the Bible.

Dare: Take a moment, right now, and pray for someone you know who needs it. Or for yourself. God is cool with that.

Now wasn’t that better than kissing in the 5th grade? In the comments section below, add your own “truths” or “dares” that you think would be good.

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  1. Leah says:

    Great game! Makes you think!

  2. Wendee says:

    Truth: Silence is a rare and beautiful treasure in today’s world. Why is it difficult to welcome silence in your home, car or mind?

    Dare: Declare ½ day of silence on Saturday or Sunday in your home. (If you have children make it the “quiet game” for a few hours.) Does silence make you comfortable or uncomfortable? Is it possible that we hear more in silence?

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