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Warming Center Meals Info

Thank you for your interest in providing a meal for our guests.  It is a wonderful way to show our hospitality to offer them a warm meal in addition to the sandwiches we provide.  In order to keep things simple for the monitors who are here, we would like to provide a one bowl meal; soup, chili or stew, etc. We have been serving an average of 20 guests per night.  We have bowls, spoons, ladles and a crock pot available.

You can sign up via e-mail and bring your soup on the day you choose or bring it ahead of time and put it in the freezer.  Just put a note on the refrigerator that your meal should be taken out to defrost on the day before, and label your container so we can get it back to you.

On Sunday evenings we are trying to provide a simple meal of a meat and 2 vegetables.  If 2 families would like to share Sunday night, that is fine.  We would love for you to stay and serve and eat with us if you would like.

Sunday evening meals need to be here by 6:30, the rest of the week by 7:30.

Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions, Thanks





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