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Wednesday Night Awesomeness – October 29

Our Wednesday night classes have started. Each week we’ll post a description of our three classes for the week. Feel free to choose any of them. We will have kids’ activities and a nursery. All classes run from 7-8 p.m.

For October 22:

A Healthy Body + Mind = A Healthy Soul  (Emily Martin, leader):  How am I supposed to fit exercise in this busy life I lead? – How does one begin to address exercise in a busy world like ours? Together we will learn awesome ways to sneak fitness into your daily lives without even knowing you are exercising!

Making Worship Part of Our Daily Life (Troy Hurst, leader): Worship is more than singing songs on Sunday morning; worship is a lifestyle and attitude of praise in all things.  During our three week class, we will learn The Meaning, Motivation and Methods of Worship. So whether you can sing or play an instrument or not, come Join Us for a wonderful adventure into the presence of God. It’s much more than just music.” 

Making Sense of Tough Passages in the Bible  (Pastor Scott, leader): Using 1 Timothy , we’ll look at how to make sense of tough passages in the Bible.

All of our classes are open to everyone. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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