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Welcome Home or Get Out?

Last night we talked about how sometimes churches can make you feel really welcome, and other times they can make you feel incredibly lonely and wish you had never come. Our goal at New Story Church is to make every single person feel welcome – whether you’ve never been in church, had a bad experience with church, or been a part of church for your whole life. Share the time you felt most welcome in a church, or the time you felt like an uninvited party crasher. How did each make you feel?


  1. Leah says:

    I have visited numerous churches in a quest to find the right fit. While each person is different and has different needs, I think its important to welcome someone that you do not know and at least introduce yourself. If they are new, ask them to sit with you and introduce them to your friends. Many times, I think, people are too busy catching up with their own friends that they neglect first time visitors.

  2. Wendee says:

    I know this going to sound weird . . . but my least favorite time of a worship service is the time called “passing the peace.” It just seems awkward and forced. I like the concept and I like welcoming people, I just wish it felt more natural. Before and after worship services seem more authentic to me. When the pastor or worship leader has to say . . . “now let’s pass the peace” . . . it just seems odd.

    Having moved many times over the years, I have seen churches who are very welcoming and I remember one church that was so cold they should have posted a sign that read . . . “Welcome . . . maybe, if you are like us!” 🙂

    1. Buffy says:

      I could not agree more about “now lets pass the peace” It feels really wierd and uncomfortably. I have no problem welcoming people before service or after. But when you are forced to greet someone it does not seem sincere at all. And no way would I just sit there and not pass the peace at most church’s because you would be considered a hypocrite. That’s what I love about New Story Church I have neaver once felt out of place or forced to do something I didn’t feel comfortable doing

      1. Tim G says:

        Maybe the thing to do as a regular attender is to not sit until the last minute – staying mobile – providing opportunity to speak to people as they come in the worship center. I have observed Pastors doing this before the first song – that made me feel welcome – others can do this too.

      2. Gene says:

        Passing the Peace is a mixed thing, it does cause you to be involved but it can be awkward also. My least favorite is being asked to stand or identify yourself if you are a visitor. Flip side is it is fun to go in wearing Bike Leathers and watching for the reactions of folks…… (sorry, I have a strange idea of fun).

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