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What A Cool Time

I might be the luckiest guy in the world. And it’s not because I got to see The Hunger Games in IMAX. It’s because last Sunday I got to baptize our first baby as New Story Church. Nathaniel Richard Engle became the newest member in the body of Christ. His parents, Tim and Kera, were awesome and proudly talked about how they would raise Nathaniel in a way that he would know God’s grace for himself. Our church promised to do all we could to do the same. It was incredible.

Many of you are asking about our new building. We are in the final stages of negotiation to buy a building and make it into the gathering place for New Story Church. If we can get the contract finalized, we’ll have 2 months to find the investors necessary to help us purchase the building. After that, Heaven’s the limit as to the cool things we’ll do in the building. It’s big enough for us to have worship, classrooms, offices, and a gathering space. Best of all, there will be space for us to have a food pantry and clothes closet right in our church. Are you kidding me, right in the church? No, I’m not. The outreach we’ll be able to do will be amazing. Please pray that this dream becomes a reality for us. As soon as we get the contract finalized, we’ll post pictures, directions, etc. There will be a tremendous amount of opportunities to get your “hands dirty” helping us get the building ready for use (it’s in very rough shape right now).

Dont’ forget that next week is Holy Week. We’ll have a Maundy Thursday service at Hillsdale UMC at 7 p.m. I’ll be preaching about something cool (can you tell I haven’t started the sermon yet?) On Easter Sunday we’ll have an Easter service at my new house at 10 a.m with an Easter egg hunt right after in my yard (I say yard, but it’s really weeds).

This is a great time for New Story Church. If you have any questions or just want to talk, I’m always available.


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