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What Makes A Good Leader?

This week we talked about leadership and what qualities are necessary to be considered for leadership, especially in a brand new church. Consider this quote: “If you think you are a leader, just look back over your shoulder. If no one is following, then guess what?” Take a moment to think about the best leader you have ever known. What are the characteristics of this person that made you want to follow him or her?



  1. Scott Osterberg says:

    When I think of a great leader, I always think of my Young Life leader Steve. He was able to make you feel like everything you said was important. He also had a great way of relating spiritual things to every day life. He didn’t cram religion down your throat, but he found ways to show us how God is with us all the time, even on our toughest days.

  2. Wendee says:

    The leaders that made the biggest impact on me were the leaders who believed that God could do something through me and that God had a purpose for my life . . . even me. Leaders who are trustworthy, bold, authentic and believe that their goal is to encourage discipleship, as oppose to purchasing bigger spotlights for themselves ~ are the very best of leaders from my perspective. I guess it is the difference between performance, entertainment and authentic leadership? ? ?

    1. Melissa says:

      I absolutely love this comment and couldn’t agree more!

  3. When I think of a leader that inspired me in my life I automatically think about my Uncle Bud. He was a simple, common Christian man who led by example. He was a man of few words, but full of authentic action. He spent his life helping others never expecting any recognition. Was he perfect? – by no means, but in my eyes growing up I felt loved by him. As I continue to grow in my spiritual journey I often wish he were still alive so I could share the incredible things that God has done and continues to do in my life!

  4. Kyle says:

    I think that courage is essential for leadership. Scott’s recent blog posts clearly show that he is a courageous leader. New Story is in good hands.

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