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Workday Update, Pictures, and a New Top 10

Our first work day at the new building was incredible. Everyone worked so hard that we filled 2 huge dumpsters quickly and we got to leave early. We’ll have another work day this Saturday, August 4 starting at 7:30 a.m. We’ll finish the demo work inside the building and begin work on the playground and picnic area.  There will be more details on our website later this week. Plan on coming and we promise you’ll have a great time.

In honor of the great work that was done, we’ve created a Top 10 list about the building.  Here it is:

Top 10 Things We Won’t Do At Our Second Work Day

10) Swing the sledgehammer around our head while screaming “I Am Thor”.

9) Try to convert the nail gun to full automatic and hollar “You Want a Piece of Me” while firing it into the air.

8-  Attempt to lock the pastor in the port-a-john and then tip it over.

7) Make “Woooooooooooo” noises in a totally dark room and pretend to be a ghost.

6) Drive the Bobcat around at full speed and make people dive out of the way.

5) Ponder whether it’s cool to have a stained glass window depicting #8 above.

4) Wish dreamily that Ty Pennington would take over the project and “accidentally” lose his shirt.

3) Repeatedly scream “It’s Miller time” through the bullhorn.

2) Say, “Boy, some pews would sure look good in here”.

1) Spend even one second thinking about how we can make the building more awesome for ourselves instead of how we can use it to help transform the community.

Here’s some pictures of the workday (we’ll post a lot more later in the week):

New Story Church Logo