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Worship Circle, Friday, November 3

Hey New Story family, it’s Casey from the band… are you someone who just can’t get enough of worship. Do you play an instrument – any instrument? We are going to have a worship circle on Friday November 3rd for any and all interested folks. If you like to sing worship songs or play any instrument – from tambourine to ukulele please join us for a fun evening of song with friends!

432 Springdale Ave WS 27104
Friday, Nov 3 – 6-8ish
If you play an instrument please bring it. Flute, cello, banjo – all are welcome.
If you like to sing then bring your voice
I’ll provide music charts and dinner before
If your guitar is stuck in Florida or you don’t feel like packing up your 30 piece drum kit I will have some instruments at the house (guitar, canon, electric, electric bass).
If you have questions email me at ten.snosdnassalgnull@yesac
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